Note: Game is in development and all details are subject to change
Each of the 6 parts your Blox is made of can be equipped with different items to increase attack or defense qualities. They also help to increase the impact of your card strategy.
When using hand equipment such as the "colorful bracelet": you will be able to touch 1 card and increase it with 1 action point when playing a skill card, an ability card and an attack card.
When using leg equipment like the "walking boots" you can reduce the required action points of a hand to 0 per turn.
And there is a vast variety of equipment aimed at leveraging your Blox's skills, and helping you advance in the game.
Using equipment will also upgrade your Blox's abilities and unlock further functions. When the back is upgraded from a rocket backpack to a stable rocket backpack, it will not only allow players to escape from battle during the primary stage of it, but also additionally add 1 action point.