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Note: Game is in development and all details are subject to change
Your Blox is the starting point for any activity in the OpenBlox ecosystem. You need at least one Blox (one NFT, as one Blox) to start playing. You can purchase a Blox on OpenSea or on our native marketplace, which is running on Arbitrum and offers fast transactions, a smooth user experience, and lower costs.
  • Play the game and earn rewards
  • Breed new Bloxes from your existing ones
  • Buy or sell Blox on the marketplace
Alpha testing sign in explanation:
After download the game, you need to have a google account to sign in. Please login your web browser before try to login the game. Simply click the bottom down below, your web browser should redirect to sign in page. Once successfully varied, go back to the game, and its good to go.
If you have any issues when signing in, please contact our mods in discord/telegraph.
Every Blox has different characteristics, which determine their roles in battle. Blox have their own unique genes. Their offspring will inherit some of their parent's abilities and at the same time acquire new abilities. Every unique ability is generated based on the smart contract. They can continuously upgrade and increase their abilities.