Note: Game is in development and all details are subject to change
Blox's battle professions are divided into three types: defensive, offensive, and supportive.
When the game begins, players need to strategically play the appropriate skill cards, each card comes from a skill body part. When the selection is over, the battle for the turn takes place. Speculating on your opponent's card play and counteracting any potential attacks will greatly improve your chances of winning.
  • Defenders can absorb more damage to resist attacks, while attackers are better at causing damage.
  • Defenders often stand in the front row to resist damage and create more damage output opportunities for attackers.
  • Supportive professions have the skills to control and heal.
  • Skill cards can be drawn from the card pile for each battle. Each card comes from a body part: arm, leg, horn, tail.
The more you play, the more familiar you will get with your Bloxes, and the card combinations they can execute. With the flower clan for instance one can combine paralysis power, charm, and corrosive liquid to deal a devastating blow to one's opponent.
The powder stops your enemy from attacking, the charm puts them into a state of confusion where they start attacking each other, and ultimately with the corrosive liquid their confusion increases even further, dealing further damage to the opponent.
And that is just one of the hundreds of strategic ways to beat enemies.